By: Jaylen, Grade 6


This is Utopia, the city of peace. Utopia has everything you would ever want in a “perfect world” There is no trash, everyone is peaceful, there’s no violence, the list goes on and on.

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By: Deng

Story from Fractured Fairytales

Max, Crista, and Jack got a mission alert so they had to go, but their grandma needed them, but they needed to go to the mission. They were built to save people.

Goldilocks and the three humans named Max, Crista, and Jack have different bionics. Max has force field monkala canse, Crista has super speed, and Jack has super strength. Blowthing blast! Then they go on a mission. Max and Jack saved people, but Crista went to help the grandma, and Goldilocks said, “nice job” for saving people.

They were happy.