By: Jaylen, Grade 6


This is Utopia, the city of peace. Utopia has everything you would ever want in a “perfect world” There is no trash, everyone is peaceful, there’s no violence, the list goes on and on.

Unfortunately, Utopia is not the whole world. It is only a city, so the rest of the world is basically the exact opposite, and we call it “the dark void.”

The dark void has every dreadful thing you could think of. There is trash everywhere, at every corner, and everyone is mysterious or keeps everything to themselves. I try not to think about the dark void much.

Oh excuse my manners, I have not introduced myself have I? Well my name is Samuel, and I live in Utopia, the city of peace!

Utopia and dystopia.
Good and bad.
They are both the same, some people would say.
But no, they are not the same.
One may say violence is bad.
But others may say violence is good.
In my eyes, they are not the same.
In yours, they may be the same.
Who knows.
We are all different.
We all have different personalities.
We all may see things differently.
And in My eyes.
Utopia is the world we all want.
But won’t achieve.
For a very very long time.
Our world is far from being perfect.
But what matters is that you keep trying.
Keep trying to make our world.

This is our Utopia, and nobody will ever take that away from us again.