Writing Gallery

A selection of works from 826DC student authors.


Advice to the Past


Grade 3

The advice I would give is to end segregation because it’s not fair. Also not to cheat on tests.

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Birds in the City

826DC "The Thing with Feathers" Summer Workshop, 2018

We hear birds in the city. A bird chirps when singing a song. When birds chirp, it is harmony.

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Letter to an Alien Pen Pal

826DC After-School Writing Lab Students

Dear Geeblegorp, How are you? We are so excited to be your new pen pals from Earth!

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Pine and Willow with the Bullies


Grade 3

In the beginning, there was a little tree called Willow. He lived in a park near a little pond with other trees.

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Jack and the Two Bullies


Grade 3

In Tampa, Florida, there was a daffodil named Jack.

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The History of the Musical Genre Go-Go


Grade 7

If you stand on any corner in our nation’s capital, close your eyes and listen to your heartbeat.

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