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Generous individual donors enable 826DC to work with so many young writers. Gifts of any amount help keep our creative writing programs free and accessible for all DC students ages 6-18.

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Page Turners are some of our most consistent supporters. By providing a reliable stream of funding, these monthly donors make long-term planning possible.

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Many organizations have matching programs that can double or triple the impact of your donation. Ask your employer if they’re willing to match your gift to 826DC.

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More Ways to Give

Donating stocks or securities is a powerful way to support 826DC, while also enjoying many tax benefits for yourself! We’ve partnered with DonateStock to make this fast, safe, and easy. Visit our DonateStock page to learn more and to give.


Commemorate meaningful moments and people with memorial or honorary giving pages. Get in touch with us and we’ll set up a special, customized 826DC donation page for you.