By: 826DC After-School Writing Lab Students

Letter to an Alien Pen Pal

Dear Geeblegorp,

How are you? We are so excited to be your new pen pals from Earth!

What is the planet Axis 7 like? Do you have any games? Are any of your games from Earth, like chess or cards?What is the weather like on Axis 7? Is it what we call rainy like water from the sky or something else?

On Earth we play games like Among Us, Minecraft, and MergeDragons. The group favorite is Among Us and it is really popular on Earth. The seasons are changing so the weather feels different all the time. As of right now everything is online and everyone is home. We wish that things could go back to normal. Have you ever had to stay home for a long time? What did you do for fun?

Thank you for being our pen pal! We are excited to hear back from you and how you’re doing on Axis 7!