By: Reginald

Ode to Anacostia

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Kids running on pilgrimages until the street lights came on,


Where you were bound to see ten ice-cream trucks a day,

And a pink pickled egg in someone’s hand.

Everybody knew everybody,

From Barry Farms to Wahler Place

Why so much beef now?

I remember when I discovered abandoned buildings,

Climbing until I couldn’t anymore.


Where the 94 bus came.

Could you believe it was only 75 cents?

I will never forget–

The holder of my innocent thoughts.

Every day,

I lived in a different game,

From Freaky Friday

To Shame, shame, shame.


Is a possibility.

Every portion of cracked concrete has a face,

Telling the history of how rich it was and will always be.

“Pinch me because I must be dreaming”

About Anacostia.

Home to culture,

Southeast, and finger-licking memories.

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