By: Yoanabel, Grade 3

Advice to the Past

The advice I would give is
to end segregation because it’s not fair.
Also not to cheat on tests.

By: Students from 826DC's "ReWrite the Stars" Space Writing Camp

The Galaxy of Earth: Full of Joy

Black hole,



White dots with blue scribbles

it’s like a spinning circle.

A galaxy, it’s oval and colorful,

tastes like yogurt and feels like a foggy day.

It smells like air or sugar.

It smells like cake.

Active and excited

Happy, happiness


Full of joy.

It’s like a fruit salad,

a unicorn,

a star,

And a Cake of infinity bites

By: Leighton, Grade 7

Leighton 2

Love is a fallacy

Ethos is credible

I like eating

Girls like me

He is weird

Too much food

Only 12

Not funny


These all describe me

I’m Leighton