By: Idris, Samara, Sy, Pearl, Leo, and Ruby, Grades 1-5

After-School Writing Lab on Pandas

When the giant pandas left the National Zoo, 826DC shared panda-themed writing prompts with AWL. Here’s what they wrote!

The Scene of the Pandas

By Idris, grade 2

How we miss them but they’ll always be with us

They are kind animals

Some of them gave this world to us so we should give them peace and do the same 

Black White Covered in Fur

By Samara, grade 4

Their black lucious fur went away with a blur 

we cried about how the the zookeepers lied 

but I was cheering in the clearing with ease 

their lease went up!

the zookeepers kept them long enough

they did show after show and didn’t give up! 

white, black, white, black, white, black

left the states to where they may have been born late 

Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, and Xiao QiJi went back home 

where now they roam 

The Superpandas

By Sy, grade 3

Day seven, the pandas were on the ship. A monster attacked the ship. The monster sank the ship. The pandas were in the oil room. The oil seeped into the panda’s fur, and gave them superpowers. 

The superpandas swam and pushed the ship onto the surface of the water. 

The ship blew up! The pandas flew away and were never seen again.

Panda Cam Behind the Scenes

By Pearl, grade 5

Director: “Okay let’s start” 

Director: “Mei Xiang, can you lick Xiao Qi Ji?”  

Mei Xiang: “Okay lick this?” *lick* 

Xiao Qi Ji: “Ew! Mom! I quit.” 

Mei Xiang: “I quit too!” 

Director: “We can’t stop the cams.” 

Mei Xian: “Okay! We’ll just do our own thing.” 

Director: “Fine, I’ll just draw you.” 

Director’s drawing:

Panda illustration

Panda Campaign Platform

By Leo, grade 1

Panda Campaign Platform: 

For panda lovers, vote Xiao Qi Ji! 

He promises to help us with improving medicine!

Panda Experience

By Ruby, grade 1

Once upon a time, there was a little panda named Poppie. She had lots of bamboo to eat. 

One day, people came to take Poppie, Poppie tried to hide in the bushes but the people caught her. Poppie thought she was going to the rainforest, but she wasn’t, she was going to China. When Poppie got there, she was very surprised. The next day it was very different. Bye bye!