By: Niya, Grade 10


Stop asking fools for

acceptance when they are the

ones who need guidance



Originally published in “Spit Fire”

By: Aleyahna

What it’s like to be Aleyahna (for those of you who aren’t)

First of all I’m tall

Face strong

Real different huh

Speak my mind

But that ain’t how they want me to be

Stressin’ but ain’t nothing progressing

But that ain’t how life’s supposed to be

Everybody wants me to be this, be that

But that’s not what it’s gonna be!

By: Kayla, Grade 4

My White Lie

My white lie got bigger and
bigger. My white lie was that I
ate the last cookie and said that
somebody ate it. I was 8 years
old. The lie was at my house. When
I lied the house looked like it
was not safe.

I told the lie to my mom
and dad. I said, “I didn’t
eat the cookie my brother did!”

I lied because I didn’t
want my mom and dad to
ground me. I felt
unhappy because I was lieing
to my mom and dad. My mom
and dad still grounded me
because it was what I got for
lieing. I feel good right now. Now
I feel safe in my house.


By: Reginald

Ode to Anacostia

Home to

Kids running on pilgrimages until the street lights came on,


Where you were bound to see ten ice-cream trucks a day,

And a pink pickled egg in someone’s hand.

Everybody knew everybody,

From Barry Farms to Wahler Place

Why so much beef now?

I remember when I discovered abandoned buildings,

Climbing until I couldn’t anymore.


Where the 94 bus came.

Could you believe it was only 75 cents?

I will never forget–

The holder of my innocent thoughts.

Every day,

I lived in a different game,

From Freaky Friday

To Shame, shame, shame.


Is a possibility.

Every portion of cracked concrete has a face,

Telling the history of how rich it was and will always be.

“Pinch me because I must be dreaming”

About Anacostia.

Home to culture,

Southeast, and finger-licking memories.

Home to Go-Go.


By: Dayana

If We Did Not Have Hispanic Month

If we did not have Hispanic month, we would have no history.

Without history, we would not have culture.

Without the culture, we wouldn’t have food, dances, and language.

Because we celebrate culture, we celebrate everything.

We learn we think.