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November 2023

Panda Prompts with 826DC


DC said goodbye to giant pandas Tian Tian, Mei Xiang, and Xiao Qi Ji yesterday! As they make their way back to China, here are some writing prompts that you might want to try…

  • Describe the first and/or last time you saw the pandas at the National Zoo. What do you remember? How did you feel?
  • Write a poem to or about a panda—without using the word panda.
  • What do you want the pandas to remember about Washington, DC?
  • Check out some highlights from the National Zoo’s Panda Cam, then write out a script for one of the scenes.
  • Washington, DC is really going to miss the pandas. Is there something or someone that you miss?
  • A panda is running for president! What’s their campaign platform?
  • In Chinese, Tian Tian means “more and more,” Mei Xiang means “beautiful fragrance,” and Xiao Qi Ji means “little miracle.” What does your name mean? How does the meaning of your name fit (or not fit) with who you are now?
  • If you’ve ever moved and/or changed schools, write a letter of advice for the pandas about adapting to their new home.

P.S. Some elementary school students from 826DC’s After-School Writing Lab recently used these writing prompts too! Here’s what they wrote.

“Ex-panda” your writing

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