By: Kayla, Grade 4

My White Lie

My white lie got bigger and
bigger. My white lie was that I
ate the last cookie and said that
somebody ate it. I was 8 years
old. The lie was at my house. When
I lied the house looked like it
was not safe.

I told the lie to my mom
and dad. I said, “I didn’t
eat the cookie my brother did!”

I lied because I didn’t
want my mom and dad to
ground me. I felt
unhappy because I was lieing
to my mom and dad. My mom
and dad still grounded me
because it was what I got for
lieing. I feel good right now. Now
I feel safe in my house.


By: James, Grade 4

I Wanna Work Harder

So much depends

A boy who

And says I wanna
Work harder

And the teacher
Gives you a paper

And it’s on an 8th grade level

And you do

And you show
The teacher

And you fail
Once twice three

But the fourth
Time won’t let you down

And you finally
Get it and

That person in
Your head tryed
To make you fail
They failed

And you celarate
With the whole