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May 2020

“What Did You Write About?”

Collage of Authors from YABP 2020

We asked the seventh-grade journalists of the upcoming 826DC Young Authors’ Book Project collection “We Matter: Notes from DC’s Generation Z,” to sum up what they chose to cover. Here’s what they said:

Eniya: “Why Go-Go music is important to DC natives.”

Nasir: “Police brutality and food insecurity.”

Chidiire: “SRO’s and how they affect students”

Evan: “The different cultures in DC and the embassies that support them”

Justin: “Howard University and its history, achievements, and popularity.”

Jaylen: “Washington DC’s sports teams’ winning streak!”

Bernaiah: “Saving the Anacostia River from pollution.”

Janiyah: “The boomerang effect of black teen youth violence.”

Jazzi: “Gentrification and how it affects DC residents.”

Noa: “Mami’s story about her desires for her children.”

Doran: “Allergies in DC and how to resolve them.”

Khari: “Ever-changing food culture in DC.”

Zeadon: “Sexism within my own community.”

Samantha: “How does gentrification affect DC?”

Zasia: “Police brutality in DC and how it affected African-Americans.”

Eliyah: “Public schools vs. charter schools in the U.S.”

Ambriah: “The history of Chocolate City.”

We can’t wait for you to read this thoughtful, powerful collection.

You can buy “We Matter: Notes from DC’s Generation Z” here for $15 each! Every purchase will fund our free writing programs, helping us write with and publish more young people here in the District!