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September 2019

We’re with You

826DC’s storefront is closed today and Monday in solidarity with the global climate strike. Young people around the world are raising their voices to call for bold climate action—and 826DC students are among them.

This summer, students from our conservation-themed summer writing intensive took to the streets to advocate for climate action.

826DC students have also incorporated the need to protect our planet into their stories and poems:

From “Plant City” by Hienos, age 8, published in This Time They Hear You:

PlantSaver knew he was a superhero celebrity and that people loved his autograph. Plantsaver flew up and said ‘People! Stop and help plants! If you help the plants, I will give you an autograph.’ Everyone listened, and helped. PlantSaver gave his autograph to everyone who helped.

“Earth is a Smoker” by Ylan, age 12, published in You Will Be Able to Say a Thousand Words:

Earth is a smoker

Its fumes fill the sky

The moon does not like it

He lets his meteorites fly

The sun is their father

He is not pleased

He punishes his sons

By moving away and letting

them freeze

To all of the young people making their voices heard across our community and the globe: we’re with you, we’re proud of you, and we’re committed to amplifying what you have to say.