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April 2021

We’re Hiring a Director of Development

826DC is hiring a Director of Development! We sat down with Areesah Mobley to talk about her time in this role and her advice for applicants.

You’ve been at 826DC for nearly seven years! What first brought you here, and what inspired you to stay for so long?

I came to 826DC because the education of young people and the humanity of the written word are both really important to me. I know that the young writers we serve have rich stories to tell, and without an organization like 826DC, may not receive the tools or the platform to be heard. 

What’s one aspect of your work here that you’re particularly proud of?

I arrived at this job during the Obama years and remember our students’ pride during that time, and I also witnessed the harm and fear during the last four years, which includes the pandemic and the social justice uprising of 2020. I am so proud to have supported our program staff to do their vital work with young people during a traumatically difficult time. Our staff and volunteers helped our students make sense of the world.

What is something you’re going to miss about 826DC?

Every single one of my colleagues has been a treasure to work with, but I think perhaps I’ll most miss working every day with Zachary. He’s so talented, whip-smart, compassionate, and genuinely funny. I’m grateful for five years of meaningful collaboration and friendship, and believe he makes this city a better place with his leadership. 

What advice do you have for interested candidates? What expectations and approaches should candidates bring, if they’d like to enjoy this role and this team as much as you have?

I hope the next Director of Development can find as much joy in this job as I have! 826DC’s mission allows our staff to be surrounded by the insight and sweetness of young people every day. The best part of the job is sharing that with the world. 

What makes you hopeful about this work? 

This past year, 826DC’S staff proved that our work is vital, even during a global pandemic. Teachers looked for innovative ways to engage their students, and 826DC stepped up to liven up virtual classrooms. Imagine the possibilities when we’re back in school! 

Areesah is moving on to become the next Director of Development at 826 National. We’ll certainly miss her here at 826DC, but we’re thrilled for her and so grateful that we’ll get to keep working with Areesah in her new role.

Interested in applying for this position? Here’s the full job description.

To apply, please send a cover letter and résumé to HR@826DC.ORG with the subject “826DC Director of Development.” We will reach out to selected candidates to coordinate interviews. No phone calls, please. 

Individuals of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to apply. 826DC is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages persons of color, women-identifying individuals, LGBTQIA persons, and individuals with disabilities to apply for this position.