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March 2021

To: The Next Intern

Zaira Arias Chaidez

As I near the end of my time with 826DC, I am equally excited for you, the next intern who comes along!

Whether you are part of the Communications and Development efforts at 826DC like I was, or working in the Programs department, I hope you know that you will truly be part of a team of magic-makers.

While at 826DC, you will learn a lot about nonprofit work. You will learn the background and heartfelt effort that goes into the work that organizations like 826DC do. You will also walk away with a deeper understanding of not only yourself but others. You come across so many stories, ideas, and inspirations through the abundance of student work and you become so much better for it.

Your work, your words, and everything you do means something at 826DC.

During my time here as a Communication & Development Intern, I worked on a variety of projects from media lists to editorial calendars to helping the beginning stages of 826DC’s upcoming spring fundraiser, all the way to my all-time favorite project—cataloging student writing! Every project was meaningful and expanded my skills.

When I first looked for internships, what drew me to 826DC was their inspiring and eye-catching attention to detail and their open appreciation for everyone involved in their work. The “About 826DC” page listed individuals with outstanding work backgrounds, and they showcased their Internship team with equal pride.

I also came across “Letter to an Alien Pen Pal” in the Student Writing Gallery, and was mentally transported to a time where my younger self wanted to be an astronaut and spent all my days in my small public library so that I could learn all there is to know about space and communicating with new life forms.

My advice to you would be to ask questions, absorb as much as you can, be open and honest, ask for feedback, and enjoy every moment! If there is anything I learned from 826DC’s “We’re Gonna Be Okay” Monday morning meetings, it is that we are all human, we are all learning, and we are all working towards a common goal here.

I have loved every second of my time here, although for me it was virtual, it was no less of an unforgettable and valuable experience. I will miss the team, but I cannot wait for you to meet them yourself and for all you are about to do and learn!

If you’re interested in gaining experience in education, communications, and all things related to nonprofit development—or you simply want to be a part of this team brings young authors’ work to life—you may want to consider becoming an intern with 826DC.

I wish you the best of luck and I am so excited for you!

From: Zaira

826DC Communications & Development Intern, Spring 2021