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December 2017

Thank You, Clinton Yates!

ESPN journalist and radio commentator Clinton Yates (formerly at the Washington Post) visited student journalists at Center City PCS, Capitol Hill this week, where he talked about his path to becoming a journalist, current events and the role of journalists, and the importance of telling stories. A DC native, Clinton admitted to students that he doesn’t always enjoy writing, but he recognizes how critical it is to connect with people, and that journalism is an important way to share stories that might not otherwise be heard. When asked who is the most famous person he met, students were wowed by his response: “John Wall.” (Wall is a point guard for home team the Washington Wizards.)

Fifth grade student journalist Delonte said that Clinton “inspired me to keep writing even though I don’t like it.” Kalen added, “I write a journal now. In the journal I write my opinion and what I think about things.” And Elijah said, “When it comes to writing, you are my role model.”

Mackenzie, meanwhile, had advice: “You should really consider writing [a book] about how the world has changed in the past years.” Clinton said he’s thinking about it.