By: Adan

The Overthrow

Rise and shine! Time to overthrow the president! Time to get ready first.
Three hours later: Done! Finally. I should leave now. Well, goodbye house. Maybe I’ll see you again one day.
Hmmm, I think I should follow the highway map, but wait– NO! Dangit, the map says I have to go through the jungle to get to the president, so I guess I have to.
Ugh, here I go. It’s so greeny, so leafy, so… jungly?

Part One
I rip off a piece of jungle leaf. I see a yellow “M” in the distance, and I run to it. It is a McDonald’s– an abandoned one too. I am parched, sad, happy– all at the same time. I have no choice but to look for ingredients for a burger, or be forced to eat an old hamburger from the Dumpster.
I look through the cabinets and I find a bun, ketchup, cheese, ham, and lettuce. I try to turn on the oven and it works! I cook the ham and I make the hamburger. It is pretty good, considering I’m horrible at cooking.
I leave the abandoned McDonald’s. At least my appetite is gone, but now I am kinda worried because there’s dark red eyes like cherries… in the trees? Uh…now I’m really in big trouble. I’ll just…tiptoe…out of here…it might work…almost there…phew! I-I…I made it out! Alive! In one piece! I think the way out is finally near, but first I need to find a scientist lab.
Hey, is that a university? I guess it’ll do. I walk up to it, walk in, and there’s a scientist! I see white coats on the side, bwahehe. I walk up to a scientist and pretend that I am one, too! I comment, “Hi…so…” Then I just leave him, haha. Awkward. BUT! I see some goodies to steal. Bwahehe.
I run up to the goodies and– wait, what? They’re just plastic, and I should be called Mr. Embarrassing. Hey, I see some real goodies. Hoho! What do we have here? Jackpot! I say, “It’s potion of sleepiness!” Time to get out of here. But wait, I see a way, way better potion: a potion of invisibility!
Hehe, that’ll sure be useful to take out the president!
I walk into the jungle and go back to my house. I am here! I never thought I would be back! I guess I’ll go to sleep.
Huem…nom…num…wait, what? Am? I? Having a flashback of my mission from today? I am! In my brain!? I guess so…wait, I remember! The red eyes– wait, no way. My flashback shows me that the red eyes were just bugs. All that excitement for nothing. I’ll go back to sleep now.

Part Two
Rise and shine! Time to overthrow the president.
Go outside. No! No jungle! I’d rather take the long highway path. Forty-five minutes later. I’m finally here. Bwahaha.
Jump over gate. I break into the mansion, haha! Go the president’s main office. I’m right outside his office door. Now for the moment of truth. Wait! The potions– I still have them! I hold them both in my hands! Hehe. Here I go! I open the door.
Wait, what?

Part Three
“Uhhmmm…you are retiring Mr. President?” I put the potions in my pocket. “So Mr. President, can I be the new president?”
“Yeah, sure. Goodbye now.”
I close the door and scream, “YES! Yay! YAY! Missssiiioooonnnn COMPLETE!”