By: Tao, age 11

The Myth of How We Have Emotions

Angry ice blob and happy fire blob

Once upon a time when the earth was still, ice tigers roamed the earth. At the time, earth was just a cold giant rock. The ice tigers showed no emotion on their faces. Suddenly, ice catfish came around the corner to where the ice tigers were gathered. Ice catfish was a good friend of theirs. “The fire animals are here!” he yelled. Ice catfish scrambled away before he could get burned. The ice tigers stood up in awareness, and next thing they knew, the fire animals appeared. Because fire can beat ice, the fire animals burnt faces of emotion. The fire people and animals only wanted to see happy, sad, angry, and more emotions on the ice tigers’ faces. Since the earth became hotter, the ice tigers evolved into other animals that were not ice. That is how we have emotions.

Published in The 826DC After-School Writing Lab Reader (Volume 1). Illustration by Tianqiao Xing.