By: Landon, Grade 3

Jack and the Two Bullies

In Tampa, Florida, there was a daffodil named Jack.

He was playing with his friend at his friend’s house. A few minutes later, Jack’s friend’s parents called them for lunch: two minutes!

Two smiling daffodils

Later, two storm clouds that were bullies came over and started to bully Jack. His friends came and saw that Jack was getting bullied, so they started to tell them to stop bullying Jack. But the two storm clouds started to rain on them and wouldn’t stop! The two storm clouds rained on them for twenty minutes. Soon, Jack and his friends’ roots started to flood, and they started to get worried about dying out.


The rain clouds bully the daffodilsThe next day, it was the first day of summer so Dan the sun was out. Dan saw the two storm clouds, bigger than ever, going toward Jack and his friend, who were playing outside to get dry from yesterday’s rain bullying.

When Jack’s friend saw how big the storm clouds were, he and Jack started to hide so they wouldn’t get rained on. But the two clouds found them because they’re so big!

The had just started to rain on the daffodils when Dan the sun saw what the two huge storm clouds were doing, so Dan shined down on them so they couldn’t rain on the daffodils anymore. Then, a palm tree started to lean over on top of Jack and his friend so they could dry.

Dan the sun and the palm tree help the daffodils

Later, when they were dried, Jack and his friend thanked the sun and the palm tree. They went home, ate lunch, went back outside, and played until they were called to bed. When they were outside the next day, they thought those two storm clouds would be outside, but they weren’t! So Jack and his friends never saw the storm cloud bullies again.

Originally published in This Time They Hear You. Illustrations by Samantha Lane Fiddy.