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By: Sydney

Candy Art Island

This November, 826DC is thrilled to publish our very first compendium: a collection of the best of the best from our first five years. To celebrate the release here on the blog we will be posting a weekly podcast consisting of selections from the book, read aloud by students, volunteers, staff, and other friends of 826DC. So find a comfy spot and get ready to listen, savor, and share the words of our most inspiring young authors. This project is made possible in part by support from AT&T Aspire.

You Will Be Able to Say a Thousand Words collects the best writing from 826DC’s first five years of running fun and unique writing-based programs. Spanning genres and styles, students ages 6-18 imagine dangers on the high seas, struggles with bullying, and mourn loved ones. From advice to their former selves to advice for the reader, students begin a journey that starts on the page and ends in the boundlessness of the imagination.

This week’s featured piece from the collection is “Candy Art Island” by Sydney, first published in The Creative Spot. This week’s reader is 826DC Executive Director, Zachary Clark.


One day, I was reading in my room, just relaxing, when I heard Samba music in my backyard! I went to the back and found Sydney, Brendan, Ciahna, and our relatives. They said they found a magical island called “Candy Art Island.” We went to the island and dropped off our suitcases in our gingerbread apartments. We went to a restaurant called “Le Candy.” After that, we went on a gummy bear safari and found a purple gummy bear named Pearl. Then, we went to “Lemonade Beach” where the water is actually lemonade! We all drank lemonade. After that, we dug for gummy worms so we could go fishing, but it started hailing snow cones so we had to go inside. We watched a show about “How to Train a Gummy Bear 2.” The hailing stopped pretty soon, so we swam with sea turtles. We did tons of stuff at Candy Art Island, but, sadly, fifteen weeks later, we had to go back home.

Au revoir, Candy Art Island!