By: Tiesha

10 Things I Want To Throw At You

I wish I could throw my love at you,
But I am afraid that you won’t catch it.
And if I could,
I would throw you my heart
But you just might break it.
I want to throw sweet kisses and embraces to comfort you in the night,
But I’m afraid if I throw you my all, you won’t hold it tight.
I want to throw my imagination at you,
So we can dream together.
And if I could,
I would throw you the stars, so we could shine together.
If I had a halo I would throw you that too,
So you can be my angel.
My covering,
My protector,
My boo.
If I could I would throw you my eyes,
So you could see what I see.
I just want to throw you everything because I want you to be with me.