News and Events
December 2020

Speaking with Jason Reynolds

Jason Reynolds photographed by Shawn Miller

This week, students from across the 826 Network spoke virtually with Jason Reynolds, a prolific author (from DC!) and the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature.

The student-moderated discussion centered on Reynold’s video project “For Every One” and the significance of writing. They also talked about an upcoming publication based on the “A Place Worth Being” writing activity. (Students can submit writing for that here).

For Ambriah, an eighth grade 826DC student published last year in “We Matter: Notes from DC’s Generation Z,” the event was also an opportunity to let Reynolds know just how much his Miles Morales book meant to her and to her little brothers.

826DC is proud—independently and as part of the 826 Network—to be able to offer these kinds of experiences for young people.

Students deserve to see themselves reflected in celebrated literary figures, especially those who come from the same communities as they do. They deserve to be told and shown that their ideas, their words, and their perspectives matter too.

“We all have a voice. We all have a style. Nobody should feel small or that their voice should be minimized. No one is you. Everything you bring to the table has a place at the table.”

Jason Reynolds

Conversations like these, author to author, are just one of the ways that we validate young people as artists and as complete human beings with important things to say.

826DC is going to keep showing students that we care about what they have to say and that the world is better for having the benefit of their imagination. It’s what we do. Want to do that with us? Visit our Get Involved page to learn more.

P.S. Reynolds’ books are currently free at independent bookstores across the District!

P.P.S. The fantastic photo above was taken by Shawn Miller.