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January 2019

“Offsetting your Carbon Footprint” Workshop

Students from the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School recently gathered in the 826DC writing and homework help center for an “Offsetting your Carbon Footprint” workshop!

The workshop, blending hands-on science with reflection and writing skills, was designed to accomplish three goals: the students were going to calculate their ecological footprints, to consider their day-to-day habits and personal choices impacting the environment, and to draft a short piece of writing about how to address climate change. The students were all excited and up for the challenge!

The afternoon started off with snack time, which earned many cheers from the students. As they snacked, they settled into the 826DC space and got to know the staff and interns who would be working with them during the workshop.

We then switched gears and began sharing our writing processes.

“There are a couple of mess-ups in the process,” one student explained.

“It’s not about being right,” D’Real Graham, 826DC’s Community Programs Manager, replied with a smile. “It’s about making things right.”

We then began a brainstorming activity where the students each reflected on what they did each day, from waking up to going to bed, and the impact that those habits have on the planet.

With those habits in mind, the students went on to identify the environmental concerns that mattered most to them—from car exhaust and electricity overuse to deforestation and more—and developed step-by-step action plans for tackling those concerns!

We wrapped up the workshop session by coming together to share those action plans as a group.

“The students at the workshop were so knowledgeable about the environment and really inspired me to take environmental action in my own life,” said 826DC intern Jewel Smith.

The Inspired Teaching Demonstration School students will be back to continue all the progress they made in this first session.

“We are writing together over the next five to six weeks,” D’Real explained, “to help the students decide for themselves how they want to affect change.”

All of us at 826DC would like to thank the Inspired Teaching Demonstration School students for all of their hard work! We can’t wait to keep writing and learning with you.

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