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March 2022

Meet the Staff: Emma Pred-Sosa

Emma Pred-Sosa smiles in front of a multicolored background

Emma Pred-Sosa is 826DC’s marvelous new Director of Development! She’s here to lead our fundraising work, sustaining 826DC’s programs and ensuring that we can continue serving students as best as we possibly can.

(Speaking of fundraising, did we mention that you can donate here?)

Emma already brings true thoughtfulness, insight, and vision to her work here at 826DC. We’re delighted have her on this team!

Check out this Q&A to get to know Emma a little better:

Name: Emma Pred-Sosa
Title: Director of Development
Pronouns: She/Her
Hometown: Milton, MA

What drew you to 826DC?

Definitely the mission—I know how challenging it is to teach writing to develop those important skills as a student. I really admire 826DC’s commitment to helping DC students discover and grow their writing talents.

Also, being from the Boston area originally, I’ve heard people speak so highly of 826 Boston and of the impact they have had on both students and teachers. I’m excited to hear more folks in and around DC talk about 826DC in the same way!

What was your favorite subject in middle school, and why?

I’m a true history nerd. It’s been my favorite subject since elementary school, all the way through undergrad. It just feels so fundamental to understanding the world in which we live, and is a never-ending treasure trove of discovery. I love to learn, and with the endless directions of history, the learning never ends.

Which book would you love to read again for the first time?

Early in the pandemic, I actually did go on a nostalgia trip and re-read some of my childhood favorites (the Percy Jackson books, The Hunger Games, and even Twilight). I was fascinated by how much I had forgotten and how much had changed as I looked at them through adult eyes. I was surprised, however, by how much the emotional experience of reading them as a child still lingered. In some ways, it did feel like I was reading them for the first time… while still also feeling like I had read them a million times already.

What inspired you to get involved with this kind of work, and why do you think it’s so important?

I’ve always liked behind-the-scenes work, and I enjoy using my skills to build up to a greater purpose, which I believe is the mission of development work and why it’s so important. As a member of the development team, my duty is to maintain a foundation upon which 826DC’s programs can thrive and grow—helping our community thrive and grow as a result.