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September 2021

Meet the Staff: Dominique Doonquah

Welcoming Dominique Blog

Meet Dominique Doonquah, 826DC’s new School Residency Manager! She has joined the team to lead the much-loved Young Authors’ Book Project (YABP), in addition to running other in-school writing residencies throughout the school year.

All of us are so excited to have Dominique on staff. She brings a keen eye, a passion for education, and a real love for stories and all that they can do!

Check out this Q&A to get to know Dominique a little better:

Name: Dominique Doonquah

Title: School Residency Manager

Pronouns: She/her

Hometown: Kingston, Jamaica

What drew you to 826DC?

826DC’s magic shop storefront in Columbia Heights always caught my eye and tickled my inner child whenever I walked by during my evening wanderings. Once I realized that the storefront housed a delightful creative writing program that supported and celebrated youth voices, I knew I had to get involved!

Which book would you love to read again for the first time?

Honestly? None! I am a big fan of re-reading and the wonderful blend of familiarity and freshness that it brings.

What was your favorite subject in elementary school, and why?

Probably science. I loved learning about the mechanisms of life. Photosynthesis continues to blow my mind.

What inspired you to get involved with this kind of work, and why do you think it’s so important?

In conversations with the young people in my life, I am constantly inspired and entertained by the insight and creativity with which they and their peers have narrated the chaos and tragedy of the times. Articulating the world and one’s place in it through writing is such a powerful counter to the pervasive alienating and obfuscating forces in our environment. I am therefore so glad 826DC has created a space for young people in DC to do this and feel tremendously grateful to join them in this work.