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May 2016

May Volunteer of the Month

May volunteer of the month Pack Landfair would like to meet Waldo someday. Yes, that Waldo. At least that’s what he told a group of third through fifth-graders during last school year’s Newspaper Club, held every Wednesday afternoon at Tubman Elementary. For the past 2 years, Pack has served as a mentor to the students in Newspaper Club as they learned the ins and outs of publishing a paper, from lead to layout.

“When I was in college in the early 2000s, I became a huge Dave Eggers fan and decided I would volunteer at an 826 when I grew up” says Pack. “The kids are what make it fun – watching them learn and grow, and being part of such a positive environment.”

Woodrow_Landfair,_Land_of_the_Free,_Release (2)
Pack Lanfair reads from his book, “Land of the Free”.

Development Assistant Rita says: “When Pack misses a week of Newspaper Club, all the kids notice. I think he’s the most memorable volunteer for them because he engages so well on their level.”  Last year, members of the newspaper club chose to feature Pack in the inaugural edition of The Tubman Toad. See below for the student interview we couldn’t possibly top, and read the full issue here.

We congratulate Pack and thank him for his incredible service! Be on the lookout for more fantastic pieces from the student journalists at Tubman as they publish their second edition this Spring.



To the Moon and Back with Pack 

By The Tubman Toad Journalists

Meet Stanley Woodrow Landfair IV, also known as Pack, who lives on H St NE in Washington, DC and has been on TV. He has two older sisters, Monica and Jennifer. His dad lives in California, where he used to spend his summers, and during the school year he lived in Virginia with his mom.

Pack has curly, light-brown hair, green eyes, and wears a navy shirt with Army shorts that he bought at Goodwill by Costco. He’s 32-years-old.

When he was young, he had an American flag mailed to him that was flown over the U.S. Capitol on his birthday. He explains, “It’s the cheapest way to get a really nice flag.” His favorite color is burnt orange and he wears a ring from the University of Texas, where he went to school. He loved to play baseball and also liked to wrestle and much more!

Pack likes all kinds of music and used to live with musicians. When he was young, he liked to put helium balloons in people’s cars for their birthdays.

“I just want to make a living and enjoy myself and have fun,” he says. When asked about other fun things, Pack added he would like to go to space and said, “I’d like to be buried on the moon.”

He wrote a book about trying to look for a job by driving on his motorcycle around the country. He enjoys watching Seinfeld, a comedy show. His favorite book that he likes to read is Waldo. “I’d like to meet Waldo.”