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April 2020

“Lessons from a DC Nonprofit”

Left: Andrea Nelson, 826DC Director of Education. Right: Cedric Brown, 826DC Deputy Store Manager

Did you know that Cedric Brown, 826DC’s Deputy Store Manager, is also a PR pro? He recently interviewed Andrea Nelson, 826DC’s Director of Education, about how we engage with the diverse DC community.

What are some communication barriers that often occur when working with students for the first time?

Building relationships and developing trust takes time, no matter what age you are. Some young people take time to feel comfortable communicating with new people. It is our role as caring adults to give that space, patience, and encouragement.

What do you think is the key to giving young people of color the space to create?

Knowing that your words are truly heard is empowering. Our society doesn’t often listen deeply enough to what young people—and in particular, young people from historically marginalized groups—have to say. We’re working to change that. Our programs offer dedicated space to build out what they want to share, and our publishing opportunities help distribute their stories through channels that are often otherwise held by adults and other privileged groups.

You can read the full Q&A over at PRSA!

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