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June 2016

June Volunteer of the Month

Our June Volunteer of the Month, Adam Mistler, was seeking an opportunity for self-improvement when he stumbled across Tivoli’s Astounding Magic Supply. Inspired to volunteer with 826DC by his own dedication to writing, Adam admires the impact staff and volunteers have on students every week. He routinely witnesses the excitement and enthusiasm around workshops while stationed in the storefront on Saturday afternoons.

“I think writing is a good way to “deal” and I wanted to support an organization that helped writers- especially young ones who often feel that they have a lot to deal with. The kids are not just getting educational help, they are engaging. For all the times the world can seem like it wants to shut kids up, it is so important that they stay engaged. Both for them and the world around them,” says Mistler.

He also enjoys the quirky atmosphere that the children bring to volunteering. “The best Saturdays to “work” are those that 826DC is also hosting workshops. The kids are what it’s all about, right? They provide a kind of energy. They also provide unparalleled entertainment value.”

That “energy” inspires Adam to practice his own magic. Among staff, he’s known for having powers of illusion that rival David Copperfield and the Amazing Tivoli himself. “I know it’s extreme, but I would put Adam right up there next to Penn. Maybe not Teller, but definitely Penn,” says 826fancy head shotDC Development & Communications Coordinator Caroline. “Wait– which is which again? Maybe I meant Teller.”

Development Assistant Rita swears she once saw Adam disappear an entire large pepperoni pizza in the blink of an eye: “Adam is a natural talent. I’m just sayin.” Volunteer Coordinator Paige agrees, saying: “When I first met Adam his eyes were green. Now they’re definitely brown. How does a magician even do that?”

Whatever his secret is, we’re incredibly grateful that Adam stumbled into 826DC, and even more grateful that he continues to make our storefront a quirky and engaging place for visitors and students alike to learn more about the ways we support young authors. Visit Tivoli’s Astounding Magic Supply Company to witness his magical ways and see how you too can get involved with 826DC’s storefront.