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May 2019


826DC will publish THIS TIME THEY HEAR YOU, an anthology of science-inspired fairy tales written by third-grade authors through our Young Authors’ Book Project (YABP), in just a few weeks!

This colorful, heartwarming book is full of instant classics like “Stinkey and the Rose,” “World’s Plymnastic Champs and How It All Happened,” “The Man Who Stole the Seeds,” “It’s Time to Fight the Cowboys,” “They Live in the Clouds,” and more. You can check out this blog post to read how some of the book’s young authors describe their stories.

“As you turn the pages and enjoy THIS TIME THEY HEAR YOU,” Publication Programs Manager Emily Moses writes in the book’s introduction, “you’re going to travel the full spectrum of emotion and experience—and, why wouldn’t you? This book is an exploration, a celebration, and a promise, written by fifty-six authors who each carry their own perspective, their own stories, and their own voice.”

THIS TIME THEY HEAR YOU also promises to delight with its illustrations by local artists! These images are just too beautiful not to share, so we incorporated some of them into these digital posters, along with parts of the book’s cover art. These posters are free to download, to share, and to enjoy!

THE BOOK IS NOW AVAILABLE HERE for $18. All proceeds will help make future YABP books possible for more young authors!

Let us know if you’re interested in buying a copy of THIS TIME THEY HEAR YOU. When it’s ready, we’ll make sure that you hear all about it!

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