News and Events
April 2017

Gallery Walk

In week two of our YABP programming, students participated in “the gallery walk.” For this activity, 826DC staff compiled over 20 social justice images from the 20th century to present–everything from the rainbow white house to a 1960s KKK rally. Students viewed the various images posted around the classroom, and were able to respond to them through writing. Their responses included the raw feelings the images evoked, the questions they raised, and the memories they elicited.

Building off of the previous weeks’ heavy emphasis on identity, the gallery walk provided a space for students to consider the connection between who they are and the greater social context. The activity not only helped students explore how different events make them feel, but also encouraged them to consider how these events (past and present) have impacted their identity. Overall, the activity provided a jumping off point for defining social justice and prompting students to consider social injustices they may have experienced in their own lives.

Emily Benn interned with 826DC in Spring of 2015 and again in Fall of 2016. She is a recent graduate of the George Washington University where she double majored in English and Human Services. Ultimately, Emily hopes to pursue a career in secondary education. In her free time, Emily enjoys curating music for her GW radio show, cooking with friends, and dancing.