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October 2016

(Finally) Introducing Our Fall Interns

We’re excited to introduce our fall interns that showcase their hard work and dedication to the 826DC mission everyday! From programming and publishing to communication and development, they really help us do it all.

Using the classic “exquisite corpse” technique that we use with our students, our deeply creative interns crafted a short tale of Arneb, 826DC’s invisible store magician.

Once upon a time, there was a magical and particularly grumpy rabbit named Arneb. (-Cassidy)

He lived in the tunnels beneath the storm drains on 14th street. (-Grace)

Arneb loved to run through these tunnels and explore.(-Tonje)

But the tunnels were a maze, twisting and turning, and suddenly he was somewhere unfamiliar. (-Emily T.)

Arneb was in the middle of a green field, bookended by a huge pencil and a white, domed building. (-Nick)

He meandered through the field, overwhelmed by the day’s sunlight. (-Emily B.)

He decided to take shelter in the building in order to escape the hot sun. (-Brandon)

Exhausted from his long journey, and finally relieved of the day’s heat, Arneb nestled in one of the building’s dark corners and dozed off to sleep. (-Shannon)

When Arneb awoke, everywhere was dark, but using his magical rabbit sense of smell, he was able to follow the pitch black tunnels safely back home to bed. (-Olivia)

Visit our Intern Bio page for more information on our passionate and imaginative interns.