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January 2019

Exploring Editorial Writing at 826DC

Group of students stands with D'Real and Greg, holding magazines.

Earlier this school year, 826DC After-School Writing Lab students worked alongside retired National Geographic Magazine Production Specialist Greg Luce on a five-week editorial writing project, inspired by the iconic magazine!

“We asked the students to brainstorm and generate article ideas for stories on the topics of world culture, science, geography, and history,” Greg explained. “They responded with enthusiasm, and over the next few weeks, researched and wrote their articles and chose photos to illustrate them.”

The final articles, which the students read in the fifth and final week of the project, covered topics from Great White Sharks to the opening of a Starbucks in DC designed for the deaf and hearing-impaired community. They were all put together and published in a glossy color magazine made here at 826DC.  

“I’m proud of my participation in this project,” Greg continued, “grateful to [Community Programs Manager] D’Real and to the volunteers who assisted and looking forward to working on the second issue.

Greg and the 826DC After-School Writing Lab students are now hard at work on the second edition. Students are currently researching their new topics and building on the editorial, photojournalism, and layout skills they learned the first time around!

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