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April 2021

Earth Day Essay Writing

Earth surrounded by sparkling stars

It’s Earth Day! It is a day to celebrate all the beautiful places on this earth and work to make sure we are making our earth a beautiful and safe place to live.

“There is always a reason to celebrate the beauty in the world around us,” says 826DC intern McNeeley Moore. “Even in the midst of a hard and challenging year for everyone, Earth Day is a reminder of the nature and earth that holds us all together.”

Let’s Write

Today, we are going to write a memoir/personal essay about our lives, tied together by nature. Nature is a big part of most of our lives, even if we don’t realize it. A lot of our memories can be traced back to places outside.

We are going to write a three-part short personal essay about nature and places that have meant something to you.

1) Where You Have Been

–A childhood memory about nature

–Where did you grow up? Was it in the city, around more nature, et cetera?

–Favorite place you have traveled on this earth! Why did you love it?

2) Where You Are

–What nature surrounds you now? Do you have any plants in your home?

3) Where You Are Going

–If you could go anywhere, where would you go?

–What are some ways in which you can give back to the earth?

Bonus Prompts

“These Earth Day activities are a glimmer of learning,” says McNeeley. “Hope all around us, even in something as simple as a few pieces of trash!”

1) Collect a bag of trash outside from your yard/neighborhood. While cleaning up, pick 3 items and write a short story about where those items came from.

2) Write a poem about a piece of nature, or place, near where you live. If you live in an apartment, try to write about a house plant or about a nearby park/garden/place.

Looking for more writing prompts and activities? There’s tons to explore, all for free, at 826 Digital.