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August 2020

Brandon’s Note to Future Interns

Brandon Hill, a former 826DC intern

As I end my time with 826DC, I am writing this note to welcome you to one of the most inclusive communities of which I have been a part.

1) Take every single opportunity presented to you.

If I only accepted the tasks that I was interested in or only attended the events I am interested in, I would not have had as amazing an experience as I did! By taking every single opportunity that was presented to me, I was able to attend an event led by the author Dr. Bettina Love and began on the path of refining my social media skills.

2) Ask questions!

Whether it be requesting feedback, getting to know someone personally, or picking their brain, be sure to ask those around you about their experiences. There indeed are no stupid questions! Every single one provides an opportunity for you to get to know someone or learn more about a possible passion.

3) Be honest.

This tip has served me well throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. At the end of the day, everyone working at 826DC is a human being. Being honest about your feelings, work habits, and progress on projects will only strengthen your relationship with those around you.

I hope these words positively serve you throughout your internship experience, and I wish you luck in all future endeavors.

Best Regards,


Communication & Development Intern, Summer 2020