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August 2019

Become an 826DC Ambassador

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One easy way to help amplify 826DC students’ work and to stir up support for our programs is to become an 826DC Ambassador!

What is an 826DC Ambassador, anyway?

While 826DC is always looking for regular volunteer support, we also recognize that it can sometimes be challenging to come out and help in-person. Life gets busy, schedules change, people move—we get it!

An 826DC Ambassador is someone who helps spread the word about 826DC and about specific events/projects as needed. It’s a low-pressure, low-commitment way to support 826DC from wherever you are!

What do 826DC Ambassadors do?

It’s up to you! Here are some examples of what 826DC Ambassadors can do and have done:

–Spreading the word about 826DC and/or Tivoli’s Astounding Magic Supply Company on social media (we’re @826DC pretty much everywhere)

–Sharing writing by 826DC students

–Setting up a Facebook or Instagram fundraiser for 826DC

–Promoting new 826DC books

–Adding an 826DC info sheet to a community bulletin board

–Asking employers to match employee gifts to 826DC

–Introducing us to someone who might want to volunteer, to write, to give, or to partner with 826DC

–Writing a blog post about a positive 826DC experience

–Telling us about free opportunities/scholarships that we can pass along to 826DC students

–Helping us table at volunteer fairs/farmer’s markets

–Inviting a friend to the lowercase, 826DC’s monthly writing open mic series

We’ll reach out whenever we need help highlighting something, but you can share the 826DC love anytime.

How do I get started?

Just fill in the form below!

You’ll receive an automated confirmation email from Sarah, 826DC’s Development and Communications Manager. If you have any questions about being an 826DC Ambassador, feel free to contact her directly at

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