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May 2021

Authors, in their Own Words

Student portraits

Meet some of the young authors behind “Sometimes I Have to be Brave!”

During the COVID-19 lockdown, these hardworking students from Bridges Public Charter School wrote “Sometimes I Have to be Brave” with 826DC as part of our Young Authors’ Book Project (YABP).

Over the course of the school year, they examined mentor texts, discussed what community meant to them, drafted and revised their stories and poems, and crafted their very own author bios.

Here are some of those bios, as well as official author portraits by the wonderful Alyssa Liles-Amponsah:

David loves spending time outside, especially when there are no mosquitoes. He has enjoyed learning online this year. David is feeling very good about being a published author soon and is thankful he got to write real stories from his life with 826DC. He is really excited to show the finished book to his older brother and once COVID is over, David is looking forward to playing soccer with his brothers.

Rebeca likes to draw and play video games, and is really interested in astrology. She’s thinking of working for NASA. The hardest part about learning online this year was when the Wifi would just cut out, but she’s glad she didn’t get coronavirus because she was at home. She’s looking forward to taking her chihuahua to her first dog park when Covid is over. Her favorite part about writing with YABP was the topics, and she wants to show this book to everyone she knows. When asked how it feels to be a published author soon, Rebeca said “one word, GREAT.”

Amir loves watching TV. He has had a hard time doing a good job in an online learning environment but Amir has been trying his best to get better. He enjoyed writing personal narratives with the 826DC staff and feels happy about being a published author. From his story, Amir wants others to know that he puts in the work in his community.

Esteya loves to play, watch Disney movies and go outside.  Her favorite part of school this year is Morning Meeting and ELA.  She feels a little good about being a published author, but really only likes Monkey poems.  She’s good at playing, watching movies, and going outside and digging in the backyard.

Jaxon likes to sleep, wake up, then go back to class. Testing has been hard for Jaxon in the online learning environment, but he says that he and his classmates still have fun all day! Jaxon has loved working with Deb this year and is grateful for her kindness. Over the past few months, Jaxon has been hard at work writing his story and can’t wait to show the finished book to his parents and his dog. He wants everyone to know that everyone in his community cares for one another and strives to treat everyone with kindness. Once COVID-19 is over, he wants to visit Cincinnati, Ohio and one day Jaxon hopes to play in the NFL or NBA.

Markia is a bright and engaged student. She always shows up for class waiting for her time with the teacher to talk about the newest notebook and markers she has bought. During distance learning, she has stayed focused and always comes prepared to complete her Math and ELA goals. She loves to dance and cheer and whenever we have a movement video, she is usually the first to get up and show off her moves.

“Sometimes I Have to be Brave” is available for presale now, here at 826DC’s online shop.

Grab a copy for yourself and for a friend—every purchase helps us publish more young people just like David, Rebeca, Amir, Esteya, Jaxon, and Markia.

We’ll start shipping “Sometimes I Have to be Brave” out in mid-June, once the authors get their own copies!

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