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December 2016

A Letter From Kalimah

Dear 826DC,

Hi, my name is Kalimah, and I’m 12 years old. I have been attending evening and weekend workshops at 826DC since March of this year. I learn about different types of creative writing every time I visit: comics, odes, poems, books, short stories, scientific papers, and many others. I really enjoy writing and learning about different writing formats. It inspires me to have more confidence when I write.

One unique feature about 826DC writing workshops is that when we create writing pieces, we sometimes get them published. When I see my written words published in a book, it makes me feel very proud of myself for doing such a great job. Each time I have my work published, it is always incomprehensible and I can barely wait; it’s mind-boggling. When we take the surveys they give us, the workshops always improve. It makes me feel important to know that an organization uses my opinions to make it enjoyable for everyone. The experience is always worth coming back for. Because of the amazing experiences I’ve gained, I’m currently writing a book about food chemistry, and joined the Teen Writing Lab on Wednesday nights for support on this project.

Ms. Neekta always encourages us by saying “Never put another writer down…but always lift another writer up.” When she says this, I feel relaxed and at ease to write the way I choose without feeling as if I would be made fun of or my writing is incorrect. I would certainly recommend that every kid visits the 826DC writing center. It is welcoming by staff and children alike.


If you would like to support students like Kalimah, please consider giving to 826DC this holiday season. A gift of any amount helps us provide programs that give students the necessary writing skills to succeed in their academic and future careers.