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October 2022

A Closer Look at 826DC’s New Website

Preview of new 826DC website

826DC’s website looks a little different than it did last week! It’s now much easier for everyone in this community to access and enjoy what’s here.

826DC is really proud of this—both of how it turned out and of how it came to be. 

We made design choices that better reflect how important accessibility is to us and make it easier for everyone to take in the information on each page. We reshuffled some content to places where it made more sense. We also made sure that what went on the site addressed common questions from 826DC students and families.

The result? This is a website truly made to be useful.

Here are some of the big changes that 826DC made during this process:

We added a resource section.

Resource Section

Educators and writers of all ages can make use of these lesson plans, writing prompts, and more from 826DC and the rest of the 826 Network—for free, anytime and anywhere.

That is a big deal! It means that students can access writing activities even if they aren’t able to make it to 826DC programming. It also means that 826DC alumni can stay connected to this creative space and keep learning, long after their time with us. 

It’s easier to navigate.

Program Mega-Menu

On 826DC’s old website, we had basic information about all of our programs on one very long page. Now, we use these larger menus to help you check out all of our programs at a glance, organized by how students can get involved! From there, if you are curious about a particular program, you can click through to a page all about it.

This new structure makes it possible for 826DC to share more about each program. There are answers to FAQs, samples of what the published writing has looked like, and there is information both on signing up and on getting in touch with a relevant staff member.

826DC also made it easier to engage more meaningfully with our student writing gallery. You can sort it by genre/type, grade level, and even mood! 

It’s easier to find ways to get involved.

Get Involved Mega-Menu

From the new “Get Involved” page and mega-menu, it’s now much easier to see all of the ways to engage with this work. You can click through to pages with more details, but the overview page is clean and clear.

Having volunteering, intern and job postings, donating, and spreading the word all together on one page also sends a powerful message: There is room for everybody in this parade! We celebrate and treasure all of the ways that people are able to support 826DC and our students. It’s wonderful that our website shows that.

We’re always looking to do better by 826DC’s students, educators, and community! This website is just one way that we’re making that happen. 

If you’d like to learn more about where we’re headed in the years to come, you can read all about it here. If you’d like to support us with a donation of any size, you can also do that here!

P.S. How did we do? If you have any thoughts to share with us about this website, 826DC would like to hear them! Please send any feedback to