Writing Gallery

A selection of works from 826DC student authors.


Leighton 2


Grade 7

Love is a fallacy Ethos is credible I like eating Girls like me He is weird Too much food Only 12 Not funny   These all describe me I’m Leighton

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Good Hope


Grade 4

In the grass A brass band Plays I’m kneeling And I hear the music singing From my hand.

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Stinkey and the Rose


Grade 3

Stinkey really wants to be respected.

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Talk the Talk


Grade 10

I discovered that the way I speak is part of me, and that I should embrace it instead of shunning it away.

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Spit Fire


Grade 10

If someone tells you to spit fire then give heat like a stove

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Grade 10

Stop asking fools for acceptance when they are the ones who need guidance     Originally published in “Spit Fire”

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