“What’s your Story About?”

We asked some of the third-grade authors of upcoming 826DC Young Authors’ Book Project book “This Time They Hear You,” a collection of science-inspired fairytales, what their stories are about. Here’s what they said:

“It’s about a tree who went to water, but the clouds couldn’t hear her.”

“A cacao tree.”

“It’s about the wizard of Sugarville.”

“A lumberjack.”

“It’s about an alien and a falcon named Falcon.”

“I picked a tree and I wrote about a tree.”


“The plants are actually alive. They’re like humans, but they’re plants.”


“Two trees getting bullied.”

“A tree who got bullied by another tree, and then she got a puppy.”


“Coconut trees.”

“It’s about a daffodil who’s playing in Spring.”

“A redwood tree. It’s the tallest!”

“Candy boy and sugar girl! They live in a candy world. The candy eats sugar and the sugar eats candy because they don’t eat their friends.”

“This is a love story.”

Need we say more? We can’t wait to share “This Time They Hear You” with you and with the world. If you would like us to email you when this very special book is available for purchase, fill in the form below and we’ll make sure you hear all about it.

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