The Museum of Unnatural History Gift Shop

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon the online gift shop for the first museum dedicated to the work of the Unnaturalist Society–the imaginative discovery of wonders that were unknown…until now. Our gift shop wares showcase the rarest of rare and the surrealist of surreal artifacts from times long past, as well as innovative products for an unnatural future.

All proceeds from the Museum of Unnatural History’s online store are used to support 826DC’s numerous writing programs for students in the District of Columbia. If you have questions about a specific item or order, please email Thanks for your support and joining in our work.

Our online gift shop has temporarily moved here!

Community Opening Recap
Tivoli’s Astounding Magic Supply Co. Opens for Business

Last Saturday, on a breezy fall afternoon, a new set of doors opened up in Columbia Heights. Few people could have guessed what kind of magic they held inside…

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Holiday Gift Guide

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826 National and 826DC Present the Second Editon of Don’t Forget to Write
100 - count 'em - 100 student writing lessons

826 National and 826DC are pleased to introduce our new two-volume set of writing curriculum books, available for purchase at the Museum of Unnatural History, comes packed with fifty lessons and prompts from educators, 826 volunteers, actors and celebrated writers.

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Spray Paint, Coffee, and a Peacostrisaurus Named Stefan.

Hey, wasn’t that internationally exhibited street artist and DC native, Tim Conlon, hanging out between the dumpsters of 826DC?

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Cave Opening Extravaganza!

Saturday, May 7th, be sure to make it down to the Museum of Unnatural History for the Official Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of the most anticipated cave in all of Columbia Heights! There will be cave tours, new cave products for sale, cave activities and live music! To view the official flyer follow the link.

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Unnaturalist Supplements

The Natural Selections line of supplements, herbal, and mineral extracts were designed with advanced formulas to help support biological imperatives for a range of species’, such as bipedalism, opposeable thumbs, and geodes to develop that special sparkle in the eyes. $6.00 – Bipedalism$6.00 – Camouflage$6.00 – Dung Beetle Bail$6.00 – Fangs$6.00 – Geode$6.00 – Gills$6.00 […]

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Dry Socks

Nothing puts a damper on an adventure like wet socks.WARNING: not waterproof. $8. $8.00 – Dry Socks (m)$8.00 – Dry Socks (w)

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Wallace’s Condensed Primordial Soup

Wallace’s Condensed Primordial Soup is made from Earth-grown organic ooze and a special blend of prebiotic compounds.  For four billion years Wallace’s recipe has remained the same with hundreds of amino acids, no artificial life, no MSG added, no cholesterol and no regrets.  Later life forms love it!

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Field Journal

For when you have to go write now. $5.

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