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Walking Gemstones and Other Invisible Science

Learn about beetles that look like gemstones, farms that harvest wind, and the science behind the changing colors of cherry blossom trees in our 2-week summer workshop.

My Life as a Dog/Shark

"I jumped into action, ran into the water, swam over to that person, and bit the jellyfish without getting shocked. Here comes my favorite part, I thought."

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Cool Disco Dan


Grade 10

In my city, Washington D.C., the buildings that crowd our streets are often colored. They have been, at times, temporarily decorated in the bright colors of Shepard Fairey’s famous stencil of President Obama; or otherwise come to be part of the very fabric of the city – John Bailey’s mural of Marilyn Monroe in Woodley Park comes to mind, as well Byron Pecks’ icon image of Duke Ellington on the True Reformer building overlooking the U-Street corridor.

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My White Lie

Kayla Edwards

Grade 4

My white lie got bigger and bigger. My white lie was that I ate the last cookie and said that somebody ate it.

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We’re Hiring: Development & Communications Manager

826DC seeks a highly motivated self-starter to join our team as Development and Communications Manager, leading or overseeing social media channels, low- to mid-level giving campaigns, earned income revenue programs, and some special events.

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Paddlestar Success!

On Sunday, friends of 826DC gathered at Pearl Street Warehouse to witness the annual extravaganza that is Paddlestar Galactica: A Ping-Pong Tournament Benefiting 826DC.

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Meet Volunteer of the Month Karen Sirker

How did you first hear about 826DC? What motivated you to get involved? I first heard about 826DC through my former employer, the World Bank (WB), which has a community outreach program called “Community Connections”. 

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Meet Volunteer of the Month Michael Spaeth

How did you first hear about 826DC? What motivated you to get involved? I’ve loved creative writing since I was three years old, and I was looking for a way to use creative writing to give back to the community.

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