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that great leaps in learning can come from one-on-one attention and that building writing skills leads to future success. For our city's youth, 826DC offers these opportunities - right in the heart of the District of Columbia. Make magic happen with us today.

#FTW: You Can Be President!

With the current Presidential primaries and election as a backdrop, writers will explore what they believe to create and sharpen their own campaigns for the highest political office.


"In a dystopian future, a man named John searches for a way to escape. In this scene, John has just woken up with no memories or recollections. He wanders into a trap where he is chased by a robotic creature and finds himself in a metal underground room with others like him." -Christopher

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Down Below

Rashawnda Williams

I will follow in your footsteps, I promise you, even if it leads me to a valley of decay.

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Story from Fractured Fairytales


Max, Crista, and Jack got a mission alert so they had to go, but their grandma needed them, but they needed to go to the mission. They were built to save people.

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July Volunteer of the Month: Jamie Langhoff

Jamie Langhoff dedicated over 55 (!!!) hours to volunteering with 826DC this past school year. She is an expert illustrator who brings students’ stories to life during field trips and has even hosted her own workshop, Zine and be Zine, in which she helped students draw their own stories.

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We Did It!

Sometime after 10 a.m. on June 3, during a storytelling and bookmaking field trip, something amazing happened.

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My Heart Went Beating Fast

Each year, 826DC publishes a unique collection of student work as the culmination of our Young Authors Book Project (YABP), a year-long partnership with a class or group of young authors to develop their writing. 

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