Celebrate 826 on 8/26

Join us for a sweet treat in Navy Yard before the Nats play the Mets!

Event Details
Ice Cream Jubilee has generously agreed to help us show our gratitude! On August 26, we’re celebrating 8/26 day or as it’s unofficially known, “National Youth Literacy Day” with America’s two favorite pastimes: dessert and baseball.

We’ll enjoy ice cream and refreshments starting at 1:30pm, followed by a short walk to the game at 3:30pm.

Ice Cream Jubilee @ Navy Yard
301 Water St SE #105, Washington, DC 20003

Nationals Stadium
1500 S Capitol St SE, Washington, DC 20003

Ticket Information
Your donation of $18.26 entitles you to join us for ice cream and refreshments followed by the baseball game, where we’ve reserved a block of seats together. Seats are limited so please RSVP soon if you plan on attending. Want to skip the game? Donate $8.26 and join us for ice cream only.

Ice Cream + Nats Game

Ice Cream Only

Thank you to all of our supporters for making this celebration possible! In particular, we’d like to thank:

The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation, who have generously pledged to match all gifts (including ticket sales for this event!) dollar for dollar

Ice Cream Jubilee

The Thing With Feathers

This summer 826DC students learned all about our feathered friends who inhabit the District, as well as those who pass through during migration. They studied: bird evolutionary origins, bird identification tips and techniques, migration, hazards to migratory birds, non-native North American species, habitats (including nest building) and even how birds warn us about the effects of climate change. With this in mind, our students studied birds in art– both their representation and inspiration in artists’ illustrations and poetry.

To further enhance their understanding of the topic, our students had the opportunity to go on field trips, including: Smithsonian Zoo, Smithsonian Natural History Museum, Rock Creek Park and the Constitution Gardens. By the end of the workshop, our young ornithologists developed a field guide based on their discoveries.

Here are some of their findings:

Q: “Why do birds have wings?” (Janyja)
A: “Because of evolution. Wings have developed for each species through natural selection to provide qualities needed to survive in a particular habitat, find mates, migrate, fight with competition, and seek out food.”

Q: “Do birds pee?” (Andreas)
A: “According to my research the answer is no and yes. In birds both liquid and solid waste leave the cloaca, located on the butt. Birds have a urinary tract, but it is combined with solid waste before being released. So birds urinate, but it is mixed with solid waste and removed at the same time. Having only one system for releasing weight may make birds lighter and flying easier.”

Q: “Are birds cannibals?” (Moisés)
A: “With regards to birds used as livestock, the practice of eating the flesh of one’s own species, cannibalism, can cause large deaths within the flock. Cannibalism is considered to be a different from cannibalistic pecking, as this occurs in well-feathered birds of different species.”

Q: “How do birds communicate?” (Bruno)
A: “There’s a lot of ways birds communicate. A song is often a multi-noted phrase that is repeated over and over. Birds also use call notes to communicate. Birds use calls to alert other birds of danger and to locate other birds in their flock. Birds also communicate with their behavior. Some examples of bird behaviors are dance, strut, fake an injury, and behave aggressively.”


This workshop was made possible by our friends at AT&T.

The Cafritz Foundation Challenges 826DC

We’ve been challenged– again!

What an exciting year it’s been so far. Thanks to your unending support of our programs, we’ve been awarded another challenge grant by our friends at The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation. This means that whenever you give between now and the new school year, your donation will be matched dollar for dollar, effectively doubling your impact on the lives of DC students. Donate $10 and your gift magically becomes $20. Donate $25 and your gift becomes $50, enough to publish a class full of young authors during one of our field trips. Help us raise $15,000 and succeed in the new school year by making a donation today! 


*Stay tuned for more information about a special celebration if we reach our goal by National Youth Literacy Day on 8/26.*

Meet Our New On-Site Programs Manager!

We are so excited to welcome D’Real Graham as our new On-Site Programs Manager! Former volunteer and full-time staffer at 826michigan, D’Real is relocating his expertise to our very own 826DC, where he will be overseeing our on-site programs, including After School Tutoring and Workshops. Passionate about unconventional stories, D’Real encourages students to explore their creativity and imagination through writing. 

Welcome, D’Real! We’re thrilled to have such an experienced, engaging, and thoughtful human join our team of magic-makers. We caught up with D’Real at Tivoli’s Astounding Magic Supply Co. 

What do you think about DC so far? 
D.C. is an astounding city.

What excites you the most about being in DC?
Residing in Northwest DC puts me in close proximity to work (826DC), school (Howard University), and a myriad of delicious eateries. Excited to always be in walking distance to almost everything (including the US Capitol Building).

What made you join 826DC? 
826DC is known across the 826 National network for making magic happen day-to-day throughout the academic school year. I wanted to be a part of 826DC’s team of magic-makers.

Why do you think 826DC’s mission and vision are important?
826DC’s mission and vision are community-driven statements that reflects the organization’s willingness to provide students with pathways to upward mobility.